Almost 100 Views – No Comments!

OK, so I am starting to think that perhaps my initial launch stumped those who I sent it to.

It makes me wonder a little more purposefully about my goal with this blog.  I don’t want it to be merely a diary of my own thoughts and studies.  I don’t want it to be purely academic.  A blog focusing on the early church is most purposeful when it reaches the essential church – those who read and interact here because it speaks to their “church”/life experiences.

That said, I intend to write more specifically to that end.

I suppose without having started I may have never reached this conclusion!  So much for pre-planning…it seems blogging is best learned while doing it!

2 thoughts on “Almost 100 Views – No Comments!

  1. OK, my comment made little sense. 😛 When I started my own blog, the idea was to give some good exegesis of scripture and be biblically based in my comments. Then it kind of branched into early church and theology and social commentary.

    That’s OK though. It’s fun.

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