The Art of Slow Reading

I have always been a slow reader.  Speed reading has never appealed to me, and having to rush through several books as a class requirement has always left me with a feeling of having missed something.

As such, when I saw the article The Art of Slow Reading, I was immediately drawn to it.

I have come to realize over the years that reading slowly is not necessarily a handicap.  My personality as an introvert plays a part in how I read and process information, and it is best done slowly, in conversation with time to reflect, ask questions and reflect some more.

One of the best things about reading outside of a class schedule is the ability to read so as to absorb a book and the author’s creativity.  I am about 8 months into my most current book and am relishing every page!

So, I encourage you to read the article and then recapture the art of slow reading!


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