On the Speeches In Acts – List of Speeches

Here are a list of the speeches in Acts to go with the series:

  1. The words of the risen Jesus and the angels to the apostles  1:4b-5, 7-8, 11
  2. Peter’s speech and the disciples’ prayer prior to the enrollment of Matthias  1:16-22, 24b-25
  3. Peter’s speech at Pentecost  2:14b-36, 38-39, 40b
  4. Peter’s speech in Solomon’s portico of the Temple  3:12-26
  5. Peter’s speech to the Jewish authorities after his and John’s arrest  4:8b-12, 19b-20
  6. The prayer of the apostles and their friends  4:24b-30
  7. The speech of Peter and the apostles to the council  5:29b-32
  8. Gamaliel’s speech to the council  5:35b-39
  9. The speech by the Twelve prior to the appointment of the Seven  6:2b-4
  10. Stephen’s speech  7:2-53, 56, 59b, 60b
  11. Peter’s speech in Cornelius’ house  10:28b-29, 34b-43, 47
  12. Peter’s speech to the circumcision party  11:5-17
  13. Paul’s speech at Antioch of Pisidia  13:16b-41, 46-47
  14. The speech of Barnabus and Paul at Lystra  14:15-17
  15. Peter’s speech at the Jerusalem gathering  15:7b-11
  16. James’ speech at the Jerusalem gathering  15:13b-21
  17. Paul’s speech in the middle of the Areopagus  17:22-31
  18. Paul’s speech to the Corinthian Jews  18:6b-d
  19. Gallio’s speech to the Corinthian Jews  18:14-b-15
  20. Demetrius’ speech  19:25b-27
  21. The speech of the Ephesian elders  19:35b-40
  22. Paul’s speech to the Ephesian elders  20:18b-35
  23. Agabus’ speech in Caesarea  21:11b-c
  24. Paul’s speech to the disciples in Caesarea  21:13b-c
  25. The speech of James and the Jerusalem elders  21:20b-25
  26. The speech of the Jews from Asia  21:28
  27. Paul’s speech to the Jerusalem Jews  22:1, 3 to 21
  28. Paul’s speech before the council  23:1b, 3, 5, 6b
  29. The Pharisees’ speech in the council  23:9c-d
  30. Tertullus’ speech  24:2b-8
  31. Paul’s speech before Felix  24:10b-21
  32. Paul’s speech before Festus  25:8b, 10b-11
  33. Festus’ speech  25:14c-21, 24 to 27
  34. Paul’s speech before King Agrippa  26:2-23, 25 to 27, 29
  35. Paul’s speech(es) during the sea voyage to Rome  27:10b, 21b-26, 31b, 33b-34
  36. Paul’s speech to the Roman Jewish leaders 28:17c-20, 25b-28

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